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THE SOURCE for Aqueous Dispersions and Emulsions
  What is an Aqueous Dispersion?

An aqueous dispersion is a two-phased system that is made up of extremely fine particles that are uniformly distributed throughout water.

Under normal conditions, the solids would not be evenly distributed throughout the water. However, through the use of specialized milling techniques, a well as special processes for distributing the particles throughout the liquid, Technical Industries is able to provide a product that will maintain its uniformity over extended time periods.

  OK, so what is an Emulsion?

An emulsion is a stable mixture of two or more liquids that normally would not mix, e.g. oil and water.

This stable mixture is accomplished through the use of small quantities of a third substance known as an emulsifier.

Again, using specialized techniques and equipment, Technical Industries is able to produce water-based products that maintain their uniform dispersions of fine particles over long periods of time.




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