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THE SOURCE for Aqueous Dispersions and Emulsions
  The reasons for choosing Technical Industries are clear:

We’re devoted solely to water-based chemicals: aqueous dispersions and emulsions. It’s been that way since our start in 1954. No supplier has more to offer when it comes to formulating and producing aqueous dispersions and emulsions than Technical Industries.

We're your source for expertise, competitive pricing, on-time delivery, and top performing product — everything you need to form a service-oriented, long-term relationship.

Why Aqueous Dispersions?

When compared to powder additives, Technical Industries’ pebble milled water-based dispersions feature uniform particle size for better, more consistent performance. They mix readily with your compounds, eliminate airborne dust problems, empty completely from containers and can be custom blended in multi-chemical formulations that are ready-made and easy to use. This versatility adds up to lower inventory costs.


Why not see for yourself?

Just click here to order a product sample. You’ll soon discover why more and more companies are converting from solvent-based chemicals and finding the expertise they need at Technical Industries to ensure the right results.

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Aqueous dispersions and emulsions offer significant advantages.

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Water-based Coatings?

Pigment Dispersions?

Rubber Chemicals?

Rubber Accelerators?

Water-based Adhesives?

We can help!

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